#SwissBreakfast "Our Common Digital Future: Clash of Titans or Cooperative Interdependence?"

Posted by: Mission of Switzerland to the EU

In July 2018, the UN Secretary General, increasingly aware of these challenges, established the High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation. The Panel delivered its report in June 2019, calling against all odds for an inclusive and interdependent digital world, with a fit-for-purpose new governance architecture. This call is in danger of being silenced as the two camps of Giants show little appetite for heeding the Panel’s recommendations. Switzerland supports global digital cooperation arrangements that are human-centred, inclusive and embrace human rights. Such fundamental values are a prerequisite for more digital trust, stability and sustainability.

What should be Europe’s role in this game? What position should Switzerland and the European Union take, particularly also in view of the two digital Giants USA and China, and what digital regulation should they promote? What can we learn from the Swiss model of democratic, bottom-up cooperation? Read more


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