Net Neutrality

EIF Breakfast Debate


On 11 September 2013, the European Commission unveiled its legislative package known as the “Connected Continent”, with the aim of broadening the completion of the Digital Single Market in telecommunications and to improve the growth in the digital economy.

One of the most debated parts of the proposal is the Net Neutrality chapter, which touches upon traffic management, blocking or throttling, specialized services, transparency and quality of services. Stakeholders and policymakers are divided on the need for new rules on Net Neutrality and the impact they are going to have on the market and on consumers. 

Are the rules tackling the right problems? Are they following the evolution of technologies? Will they spur investment, job and growth? Do these rules ensure a well-functioning open internet and high-quality user experience?

All this and more questions will be addressed during the EIF breakfast with major speakers and stakeholders.

Programme - 27/11/2013

Welcome and introduction:

Pilar del Castillo, MEP and EIF Chair


Thomas Grob, Senior Expert Regulatory Strategy at Deutsche Telekom

Dr. Klaus Illgner, Managing Director of the IRT (Broadcast Technology Institute)

Andrea Renda, Senior Research Fellow at CEPS

Exchange of views with participants
Download programme


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