Bridging the ICT skills gap

Dinner Debate


At the same time as many Europeans struggle to find work, technology companies face a critical shortfall in ICT workers. Whilst the ICT sector is growing rapidly and creating about 120,000 new jobs each year, employers are unable to find job seekers with the right ICT competencies across the labour market.

Europe might face a shortage of up to 825,000 skilled ICT workers by 2020, risking growth and digital competitiveness. Additionally, students entering the job market and unemployed are often unaware of the immense range of ICT jobs available across sectors and of the possibilities for training and re-skilling offered around Europe. 

Building a strong Digital Economy in Europe and embracing the global shift to Digital is vital for growth, innovation, jobs creation and competitiveness. Digital technologies are dramatically disrupting the traditional labour market. A growing percentage of jobs today, in all sectors, require an understanding of ICT and ICT is shaping the jobs of the future. 

Digital skills are essential for professionals working in small to medium size enterprises, for young people and for the unemployed looking to enter or re-enter the workforce. But they are not enough. E-leadership skills are crucial to foster digital talent and excellence. Europe must promote ICT professionalism and enhance its pool of confident and knowledgeable entrepreneurs and ICT practitioners who strategically implement ICT in their business.

Initiatives, such as the eSkills for Jobs campaign and the Academy Cube, have been initiated and supported by the European Commission to encourage European citizens to develop their digital skills to take part in the digital economy and get the full benefits from the Digital Single Market. Industry and private organisations are also funding initiatives that aim to provide hands-on training and re-skilling opportunities to Europeans, helping them exploit the potential employment opportunities of ICT.

This eSkills for Jobs - EIF dinner will bring together a variety of stakeholders who will present and discuss relevant initiatives by the EC and industry that target the ICT skills gap, as well as identify good practices, challenges ahead and policy recommendations.


This event is part of the 'eSkills for Jobs' campaign.


Programme - 15/09/2015

Welcome and introduction:

Brando Benifei, MEP and EIF Steering Committee Member

Victor Negrescu, MEP and EIF Member


Lucilla Sioli, Head of Unit - Knowledge Base, European Commission DG CONNECT

Professor Dr. Peter J. Mirski,  Head and Founder of the “Management, Communication & IT” Study Program at the Management Center Innsbruck, Austria and member of the Supervisory Board of Academy Cube gGmbH (non-profit organisation) accompanied by Mihai Avramescu, Academy Cube Talent from Romania

Piotr Pluta, Senior Manager Cisco Corporate Affairs (introducing the Handisco team):
Mathieu Chevalier, President of Handisco and Florian Esteves, General Director of Handisco 

Alessandro Bogliolo, Coordinator of the EU codeweek

Patrice Chazerand, Director in charge of Digital Economy and Trade Groups, DIGITALEUROPE

Exchange of views with participants
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