Europe's place in the technology race

26 February 2014 Author: EIFonline

As many voice concerns that Europe is falling behind in the area of ICT, and maybe losing the leadership in mobile communications that it has enjoyed for decades, speakers at the EIF debate “The Digital World in 2030: Europe's place in the technology race” elaborated on where Europe stands in the ongoing technology race.

Malcolm Harbour, MEP and EIF Governor, chaired this important discussion with the panel of 4 prominent speakers.

Patrik Regårdh, Head of Strategic Marketing at Ericsson, noted that to maintain its place in the digital technology race Europe should create a welcoming environment for innovation and entrepreneurship as well as harmonized shared digital infrastructure.

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Cafer Tosun, Senior Vice President Strategic Research and Innovation at SAP, pointed out that at the moment Europe is behind. In order to succeed, he stressed the need to invest in the software engineering and to increase software development efficiency. Also, he noted that Europe has to open up and become more attractive for IT talents from everywhere. In closing he stressed that Europe needs to take a lead in defining its digital future. 

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Craig Burchell, Vice President External Relations Europe at Samsung Electronics, focused on mass collaboration and networks. He called for investment in and use of the full potential of connectivity, which can offer Europe an opportunity to become a global leader and achieve Horizon 2020 objectives. He noted that connectivity can also unlock Europe’s youth potential and solve unemployment problem. 

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Lord Erroll, Chairman of the Digital Policy Alliance (UK), noted that access to the internet is the start of the digital race and noted that this is where Europe is lagging behind. He also suggested that to grow as an innovation hub Europe has to keep people and also attract talents from all over the world by offering them easy and attractive work and life environments.

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This dinner debate was followed by the breakfast session on Next Generation Network Infrastructures. Click here to read more about 5G developments in Europe.


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