The Digital Dimension (2018)


In February 2018 EIF published “Re-launching Transatlantic Partnership 2020 - The Digital Dimension” - a document produced by EIF’s Senior Advisor Peter Linton at the request of the Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN) to create and set the goals for a transatlantic digital transformation agenda.

This contribution serves as one of four reports, alongside inputs focused on the political, economic and security dimensions of future Transatlantic partnership. Unsurprisingly, each of these three analyses likewise reflects the growing impact of digital technologies and capabilities.

The report should also be seen as a “stand-alone” reflection of the views of EIF’s broad multi-stakeholder membership on Transatlantic digital policy priorities at the outset of a new US congress and administration in 2017, with European elections in 2019 on the horizon, and in view of the ever more powerful and pervasive foreseeable impact of these technologies throughout our societies over the coming decade and beyond.