On 14 October 2020, EIF organised a debate on ‘Emerging Technologies: AI and Supercomputing’, aimed at taking stock of what is happening at global level and investigate what Europe is doing to secure its place as a leader in this geopolitical tech race.
The discussion, moderated by EIF Director General Maria Rosa Gibellini, was hosted by the MEPs Pilar del Castillo, EIF Chair, and Eva Kaili, EIF Steering Committee Member, and featured the following speakers:

- Lucilla Sioli, Director of Artificial Intelligence & Digital Industry DG CNECT, European Commission
- Dr. Zhou Bin, CTO, Huawei Ascend Computing
Dr. Alessandro Curioni, Head of IBM Research in Europe, Director of the IBM Research Lab in Zurich
Dr. Jacques Bughin, CEO, Machaon Advisory; Advisor, Fortino Capital and Venture Partner, Antler; Professor Solvay Business School