The Top 10 Digital Trends that will shape Europe's future and demand Political Leadership

Europe’s future will depend on the ability of our political institutions to foresee, facilitate and manage the social, economic and political consequences of digitally-driven transformation across our continent.

We offered this condensed summary of the digitally-driven trends expected to shape Europe’s digital transformation and thus inevitably the EU policy agenda over the next five years. 

Released in September 2019, this paper is intended both to orient EIF’s own programming priorities for the following year and to serve as input for the wider Parliamentary and EU agenda. We are also contributing to the work of ESPAS, the inter-institutional European Strategy and Policy Analysis System, as well as ORBIS, the Open Repository Base for International Strategic Studies. These contents remain our entire responsibility and do not necessarily reflect the views of any individual EIF member.

The list of proposed trends can be found below.