Digital Mobile Broadcasting

EIF Breakfast Debate


Digital Mobile Broadcasting across Europe offers attractive new opportunities for European citizens.

During this breakfast discussion, participants exchanged views on how the market can best be encouraged to succeed quickly. A key area of debate concentrated on whether a single standard is a practical or beneficial solution for Europe and examined whether a multi-standard approach presents barriers or benefits to the market and consumer. In the first part of the breakfast, the focus was on technology choice. An overview of popular mobile standards/platforms was provided from a European and worldwide perspective. Related spectrum issues were also discussed. The second part was instead devoted to consumers' expectations  towards digital mobile TV and on how users are responding to mobile content in different countries.

Programme - 07/11/2007


Malcolm Harbour, MEP and EIF Governor


1. Technology choice – Does it matter?

Which is the best way forward for Europe: an interoperable multi-standard approach or a single standard approach? An overview of popular mobile standards/platforms from a European and worldwide perspective, the evolution of these standards and related spectrum issues.

- Philip Laven, Chair of the European Mobile Broadcasting Council (EMBC)

- Erik Ekudden, Vice President Standardization, Ericsson

2. Content: “I want my Mobile TV”

From the consumer’s perspective, how have users responded to Mobile TV, and what do consumers expect in terms of Free to Air, subscription content and interoperability throughout the EU or beyond?

- Andreas Weiss, Head of International Relations, ARD

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