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The remote control of a driverless vehicle, although very much possible, is currently stifled by certain limitations, such as constrained driving speed or the need for built-in safety measures. With 5G, the next generation of mobile networks, these limitations will disappear and the difference between driving a car remotely or from inside the vehicle will be marginal.

The core capability delivered by 5G to enable the reliable and safe remote control of a driverless vehicle, even from a long distance away, is Quality of Service (QoS), or in other words, the performance of the mobile network with regards to, for example, coverage, reliability, latency and throughput.

In this interactive IoT WebTalk, T-Systems and their partner Ottopia will discuss the requirements for Quality of Service and demonstrate how teleoperation works – the remote control of driverless vehicles and a prime use case for high quality network performance.

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03 November 2020 15:00


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