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This summer is a pivotal moment for Europe’s digital decade strategy. The AI and Data Acts are likely to be concluded soon, setting up the policy framework that could make or break Europe’s competitiveness and resilience for the next ten years. Small changes now will have a huge impact years down the line. Meanwhile, 2023 is the year of skills and the 30th anniversary of the Single Market – the twin transition cannot succeed if we don’t get this right. As the Swedes prepare to pass the Council Presidency baton to the Spanish, this is crunch time for the digital decade. We gather top policymakers and industry experts to discuss these topics and more. As well as focusing on the key elements of these proposals, the summit will also look forward at our policymaking itself. DIGITALEUROPE will share insights from its regulatory sandbox on the AI act, which has been tested on 10 of Europe’s fastest growing scale-ups. 


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01 June 2023

Brussels & online

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