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The review of the 2012 Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP) is a critical opportunity to reform spectrum policy in Europe. Undertaking an ambitious and achievable review of the RSPP would be a necessary step forward to achieving the Digital Single Market, faster and exhaustive 5G deployment and fostering a more pro-investment and pro-innovation environment.

Improving licence renewal expectations, preventing distortive and inefficient awards that could lead to unreasonable spectrum costs, as well as providing certainty over access to future harmonised spectrum bands to meet customers’ ever-increasing traffic needs are the building blocks to create a strong regulatory foundation upon which the mobile industry can build on.

On 10 October, the GSMA will host a roundtable discussion with key EU policy and industry decision-makers to consider how the 2012 RSPP could be updated to ramp up 5G roll-out in the EU and help deliver the EU Digital Decade.

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10 October 2023

GSMA Europe Office

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