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The Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was hosted online by the United Nations between 9 and 17 November under the overarching theme: Internet for human resilience and solidarity. The programme continued to develop around the four main thematic tracks: (1) Data; (2) Environment; (3) Inclusion; (4) Trust

This debate, will focus on the following key take-aways:

- The interrelation between sustainable and green development of our digital infrastructure

- The participation of parliamentarians in the IGF

- The UN Process on Digital Cooperation and the future role of the IGF (plus model)

- The Formation of a new Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust (DC-DT)

  • Programme

    Opening remarks

    Lina Galvez Munoz MEP and EIF Member


    Lise Fuhr, Director General, ETNO

    Mattia Fantinati, Member of the House of Representatives, Italian Parliament, newly elected MAG Member

    Esteve Sanz, Head of Sector, Internet Governance and Multi-stakeholder Dialogue, DG CNECT, European Commission

    Sandra Hoferichter, Secretary General, EuroDIG

    Giovanni Seppia, External Relations Manager, EURid


    Maria Rosa Gibellini, Director General, European Internet Forum

    Exchange of views with the participants under the Chatham House rule

Practical information

03 February 2021 15:00 - 16:30

EIF online event

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  • Lina Galvez Muñoz MEP, EIF Member Head of the European Parliament Delegation to the Internet Governance Forum 2019
  • Lise Fuhr Director General ETNO
  • Mattia Fantinati Member of the House of Representatives, Italian Parliament newly elected MAG Member
  • Esteve Sanz Head of the Internet Governance and Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue DG CNECT, European Commission
  • Sandra Hoferichter Secretary General EuroDIG
  • Giovanni Seppia External Relations Manager EURid
  • Maria Rosa Gibellini Director General European Internet Forum