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  • Mr Maximilian Schubert


After working as a legal expert for ISPA – the Austrian Association of Internet Service Providers for several years, Maximilian Schubert became Secretary General of ISPA in 2012. He earned his Doctoral degree in the field of Intellectual Property Law at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz after obtaining an LL.M. degree in “Innovation, Technology and the Law" at the University of Edinburgh. He has published articles on IP and IT-related topics in Austrian and in international journals and works as a part-time lecturer.
His main fields of expertise cover ISP liability law as well as telecommunication surveillance and law enforcement matters in the online sphere.
Since 2018 Dr. Schubert serves as the president of EuroISPA, the worldwide largest ISP association, where he also acts as the chair of the Cybersecurity Committee since 2012. As such he is a frequent speaker on a European and international level where he represents the interests of more than 2500 ISPs across Europe.