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  • Mr Michael Bültmann
    Managing Director
    HERE Germany


Michael Bültmann is Managing Director of HERE Deutschland GmbH, beside few responsibilities for Germany, in charge for directing HERE’s external affairs and corporate responsibility functions. He is based in Berlin. Michael joined Nokia in 2001 and was Managing Director at Nokia GmbH, the mobile device business from 2008 to 2014 and has been Managing Director at HERE since 2014.
Before his Nokia experience, Michael worked in several leadership positions for companies in Germany and France, managing and providing senior legal counsel for matters in Germany and Europe. He has also worked as an attorney in Berlin and Paris, and as a lecturer on International Business Law at the University Lüneburg.
Michael is active in the leadership of many associations, including serving on the board of trustees of Schüler Helfen Leben.
Michael studied Law in Würzburg and Heidelberg, Germany, and St. Gallen, Switzerland.