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  • Ms Janette Stewart
    Senior spectrum expert
    Analysys Mason


Janette is one of Analysys Mason's senior spectrum experts, with 25 years' experience in radio engineering, wireless technologies, spectrum policy and spectrum management. Janette joined Analysys Mason in 2001, having previously worked for the UK Radiocommunications Agency (now Ofcom).
Janette's expertise lies in mobile, wireless and broadband technologies and markets and her consulting experience includes advising on market developments in the wireless sector, wireless technology evolution, wireless business modelling, spectrum valuation, spectrum strategy, competition and regulation issues in the wireless market. She has worked with a wide range of public- and private-sector clients including national regulators, government departments, network operators, wireless industry trade associations, equipment vendors and telecoms users.
Her recent focus has been on 5G mobile and she has authored several published reports, including a study for Qualcomm and Ericsson on costs and benefits of 5G deployment in Europe, a study on 5G millimetre-wave deployment in Europe, reports for US industry body CTIA comparing 5G readiness in several world markets and a study on the benefits of cellular V2X technology for the 5GAA. Janette holds a BEng in Electronic Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, and an MSc in Radio Communications from the University of Bradford.