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  • Mr Alexander Hanff
    Co-founder and CEO
    Think Privacy


Alexander is probably one of the most recognised faces globally when it comes to digital privacy and data ethics.

As a global faculty member at the prestigious Singularity University at the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley and sitting as a regional faculty member at Singularity Nordic in Copenhagen - Alexander delivers dozens of seminars per year to the leaders of industry about the importance of data ethics.

As a lobbyist, Alexander has been instrumental in changes to EU law surrounding Data Protection and Privacy and is an expert advisor to the European Commission and European Parliament. Alexander's work led to sweeping changes to the ePrivacy Directive in 2009, he was involved at every stage of the development of the General Data Protection Regulation and worked closely with the drafting team at the European Parliament on the upcoming ePrivacy Regulation.

He has a strong relationship with many institutions and regulators including the Federal Trade Commission, European Commission, European Data Protection Supervisor, European Parliament and other regulators across the globe and has given speeches from Beijing to Brazil.

Alexander also sits on a number of advisory boards for private companies and works as a senior consultant here at Think Privacy. Clients love Alexander's frank but clear approach to privacy and data protection issues and with a background in computer science, psychology, sociology and law - there are few with such a broad view or experience.