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  • Mr Patrick Lynch


Patrick was formerly a Trader at Europe’s largest waste biodiesel producer since 2014 and Head of Sustainability at the UK’s largest road fuel supplier since 2010. Working with agricultural producers, waste collectors and regulators in Europe, Patrick wrote some of the first environmental certification standards for biofuels. The environmental audits and traceability certifications are now embedded as a compulsory requirement to supply any litre into the 25 billion litre low carbon transport fuel market mandated by the EU Renewable Energy Directive.

Bioledger SaaS was specifically formed to digitise the transfer of certified sustainable biofuel consignments after serious fraud investigators discovered substantial volumes of counterfeit, paper based sustainability claims within the certified supply chain in 2019. Thanks to funding from the Swiss Government, Bioledger gathered stakeholders to design and build a blockchain database to protect legitimate sustainability claims against counterfeits. The Bioledger mobile and web apps allow waste collection drivers, farmers, traders and producers to demonstrate compliance with the certification standards by capturing and transferring evidence of sustainability downstream to customers and regulators. The Bioledger team is remotely located in London, Dublin and Warsaw.