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  • Mr Konstantinos Komaitis
    Policy fellow
    Brave New Software project


Konstantinos Komaitis is a veteran of developing and analysing Internet policy to ensure an open and global Internet. Konstantinos has spent almost ten years in active policy development and strategy as a Senior Director at the Internet society. Before that, he spent 7 years as a senior lecturer at the university of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK, where we was researching and teaching Internet policy. Konstantinos is a public speaker having talked at many events around the world, including a TedX talk, and a writer having written for various outlets including Brookings, Slate, TechDirt, EuroActive. He holds two Master degrees and a doctorate and he is the author of a book on domain name regulation. He also co-hosts the "Internet of Humans Podcast". His personal website is: www.komaitis.org