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  • Mr Claire Turnham MBE
    Victim of Viagogo


Claire is an award-winning campaigner who consistently speaks out for fans against the greed of industrial scale ticket touting. Driven by a passion for fairness, justice and equality, Claire set up the grassroots group, Victim of Viagogo in February 2017 to support and unite others, who like her, had been also been misled and mis-sold buying tickets to live events.

Since then Claire has listened to thousands of complaints, collected much evidence of Viagogo’s deceptive practices, and created official written guidance which has empowered fans to reclaim €2.5 million in refunds.
By advocating for and focusing on consumers, Claire has raised extensive global awareness of ticket abuse in the media and across social media. She has worked tirelessly for safer and more transparent ticketing practice and most importantly has helped thousands of people in need.

Following her evidence at the UK parliamentary inquiry in March 2017 Claire teamed up with Fanfair Alliance and collaborated with Ed Sheeran’s core team. Together they were able to successfully develop, implement and maintain a proactive, game-changing strategy to eliminate touts and provided exemplary fan care at every show on his 2018 and 2019 UK tours.