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  • Ms Lyse Brillouet
    VP Intellectual Property and Licensing


Lyse Brillouet is Chief Intellectual Property Officer and Senior Vice-President Licensing for the Orange Group since 2018. She came to IP with deep and cross-functional capabilities background in the areas of strategy, innovation, and business enablement. Her specific skills include management of business critical disruptive projects and staging of complex projects to implement high-value digital transformation. She held various positions in business and innovation within the Orange Group such as Head of Digital Society Research Program, Head of Strategy & Marketing for the e-health Division.

In her intervention, Lyse Brillouet will emphasize the importance of maintaining the well-oiled functioning of licensing ecosystem and open standards, notably in the domain of cellular connectivity and technologies (2G through to 5G and beyond), with benefits for consumers, industry, and Europe’s leadership. She will also comment and give Orange’s position on the draft SEP regulation, regarding its impacts on European technological leadership, standardisation activities in Europe, whether it is able to achieve the objectives set out by the European Commission (transparency, efficiency, balance), and address the issues affecting SEP licensing such as hold-out strategies.