09 December 2013

On 4 December, EIF hosted workshops on ‘The Digital World in 2030’ project to further feed its ongoing foresight project. Workshops focused on technological, economic and socio-political visions and emerging trends under the main theme ‘The Digital World in 2030: What Place for Europe?’.

EIF members and friends participated and shared their ideas, thus contributing to the final EIF report. The workshops were hosted by EIF Political members (MEPs) Edit Herczog (EIF Governor) and Amelia Andersdotter.

The report will be released on 18 March 2014. Based on the previous report ‘The Digital World in 2025 - Indicators for European Action’ (2009), the 2030 report will be available in time for next year’s European Parliament elections and a new Commission.



  • 29:35 Child safety online: fighting child sexual abuse
  • 10:00 #EIFasksMEPs Ep.5 - Eva Maydell on the European Chips Act
  • 47:28 AI Governance in Europe - how to make it work?

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