31 January 2014

EIF and iPoort have agreed to work together in a ‘go-local’ partnership to improve political understanding of information society issues at the national and European level. This partnership allows EIF to tap into Dutch national issues and iPoort to present the European perspectives on information technologies. 

iPoort has been established as a non-profit organisation under the Dutch law and its current Governors include Ms. Brigitte van der Burg, MP VVD, Ms. Astrid Oosenburg, MP PvdA, Mr. Kees Verhoeven, MP D66 and Ms. Elly Plooij (former MEP and EIF co-founder).

iPoort organises debates on various issues related to ICTs and Internet policies, with the aim to promote the understanding of the value of ICTs for society, especially in politics, government, businesses and institutions.

In January 2014 both organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the initial stages of cooperation, which include: exchange of programme information; invitations to iPoort political members to attend EIF meetings in Brussels; invitations to EIF members to attend iPoort meetings in The Hague; invitations to EIF members to participate in relevant iPoort policy studies.

EIF’s partnership with iPoort is the second ‘go local’ initiative of the EIF, after an MoU with the UK’s Digital Policy Alliance (DPA).

As part of its outreach to EU member states, EIF is interested in considering synergies with other organisations like iPoort and DPA within other EU countries.

iPoort contact details: info@ipoort.nl | www.ipoort.nl |


  • Tech and Circular Economy: Perspectives on the WEEE Directive Review
  • The Digital World towards 2040: AI and the future of democracy
  • Shaping the EU cybersecurity landscape: impact of the Cyber Resilience Act

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