08 June 2015

This EIF breakfast debate, chaired by Sabine Verheyen, MEP and EIF Steering Committee member, brought together representatives from various Internet organizations to illustrate how the distributed model of governance of the Internet works, how it ensures a secure, stable, open and resilient Internet and how to participate and get involved. They also looked into the future: what will Internet look like and how it’s being coordinated to promote more choice and innovation, opportunities and challenges ahead in the DNS space?

Jean-Jacques Sahel, VP Europe at ICANN, spoke about the technical aspects of the internet ecosystem. He also touched on the multistakholder internet governance model and ICANN’s role in it. 

The internet ecosystem - infograph (pdf download)

Harald Summa, CEO of De-CiX Management GmbH, explained how the infrastructure layer of the internet ecosystem is working. He also spoke about the future growth opportunities for various businesses in the infrastructure layer.

Peter Van Roste, General Manager at CENTR, presented the main activities of the council of European national top level domains. He also elaborated on internet governance and encouraged everyone to attend local internet governance forums andEuroDIG as well as Internet Governance Forum. 

Axel Pawlik, Managing Director at RIPE NCC, was the first respondent and represented the numbering community.  He spoke about the IANA stewardship transition, IPv6 and other political and technical challenges that the internet community is facing today.




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