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Data is an essential resource with the potential to foster economic growth, competitiveness, innovation and job creation. While the volume of data is growing constantly, from 33 zettabytes generated in 2018 to an expected 175 zettabytes in 2025, 80% of industrial data is never used. Besides, Europe counts with the world’s strongest industrial base and has the technologies and skills to become a leader in this new data economy.

In February 2020, the European Commission released its Data Strategy, which aims at creating a single market for data and ensuring Europe’s position as a leader. Two years later, on 23 February 2022, the Commission unveiled its proposal for a key pillar of the Data Strategy, the Data Act, which addresses the legal, economic and technical issues that lead to under-usage of data. The Act is expected to make more data available for reuse and create 270€ billion additional GDP by 2028.

Against this background, the event will discuss if and how the Data Act measures on B2B and B2C data sharing can lead to fairness in a competitive data market, thereby leading to innovative opportunities, as well as the provisions setting a framework for B2G data sharing in cases of exceptional need. Also, the speakers will touch upon how the Data Act requirements intend to address smooth and efficient cloud switching and safer international transfers.

  • Programme

    Opening remarks

    Pilar del Castillo MEP and EIF Chair


    Yvo Volman, acting Director for Data, DG CNECT, European Commission

    Lise Fuhr, Director General, ETNO

    Patrick Grant, Senior Digital Policy Manager from the EU Affairs Office, Samsung Electronics


    Maria Rosa Gibellini, Director General, European Internet Forum

    Exchange of views with the participants under the Chatham House rule

Practical information

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  • Pilar del Castillo MEP, EIF Chair
  • Yvo Volman acting Director for Data DG CNECT, European Commission
  • Lise Fuhr Director General ETNO
  • Patrick Grant Senior Digital Policy Manager, EU Affairs Office Samsung Electronics
  • Maria Rosa Gibellini Director General European Internet Forum

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