29 March 2016

"Behind every piece of child pornography content online there is a real child suffering from sexual abuse". 

Fighting Children Sexual Abuse in the Internet Era

At the EIF breakfast debate, hosted on 27 April at the European Parliament, Nathalie Griesbeck MEP invited representatives from the Europol's Cybercrime Centre, Missing Children Europe and INHOPE, a network of 51 hotlines in 45 countries worldwide, once again to look into the issue of children safety and raise awareness about this sensitive and important issue. 

In this video speakers shared their views on how to keep children and youngsters safe in the online world.


At the recent Mobile World Congress EU unveiled its vision for 5G and a goal to become a global leader in 5G implementation.

Shortly after the MWC (16/03/2016), EIF brought together industry and policy-makers to identify the policy and regulatory requirements needed to overcome fragmentation, foster inter-sector collaboration and make the vision for Europe a reality in a realistic time frame so that Europe does not lag behind other regions of the world.

To better understand European policy makers and businesses vision for 5G, we asked them what more can be done to ensure EU's global 5G leadership position. Watch the video to see what they had to say...



  • #EIFasks - MEP Beatrice Covassi on the impact of the Cyber Resilience Act
  • 1:48 #EIFasks - Ivan Štefanec MEP on the EIF visit to Israel 2023
  • 32:19 Digital Skills in Education: Equipping Learners for the Digital Decades of the Future

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