10 October 2016

The raise of social media and online platforms has tremendously changed the patterns of content consumption. Earlier this year the European Commission updated EU audiovisual rules, presented targeted approaches to online platforms and presented a plan to stimulate European content creation.

#EIFAsks: How to ensure access to pluralistic and vibrant content in Europe?

To look into this issue more deeply EIF and Sabine Verheyen MEP hosted a debate at the European Parliament with broadcasters, content creators and distributors.
Nicola Frank, Head of European Affairs at the European Broadcasting Union, spoke about the new video distribution environment and new audiovisual market players. She stressed the need for a basic set of rules for social media and video sharing platforms to protect minors and control hate speech. She also noted that there is a need for copyright rules in Europe to enable the cross border content access.
Colin Bortner, Director of Global Policy at Netflix, introduced the audience to the company’s content production plans in Europe. He also noted that Netflix strategy is to invest in quality of the content versus the origin of the content.
Markus Reinisch, Group Public Policy Director at Vodafone, spoke about content accessibility from the consumer point of view.
Stefano Ciullo, Director for European and International Affairs at Sky Italia, noted that the European content market dictates the rules for European demands for European content.


Which adjustments are necessary to existing rules in the Audiovisual Media Services Directive to ensure that citizens will continue to enjoy a diverse and pluralistic European content offer?



  • 7:33 Juan Jimenez, Santander on the economic and societal impact of tokenization
  • 1:48 #EIFasks - Ivan Štefanec MEP on the EIF visit to Israel 2023
  • 32:19 Digital Skills in Education: Equipping Learners for the Digital Decades of the Future

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