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The European Commission's proposal for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act is being discussed in the European institutions and will mark the first legislation of its kind in the world. Legislators are trying to foster pursuing of trustworthy AI by design, and to prevent the rules from stifling innovation and hindering the creation of a flourishing AI ecosystem in Europe.

The use of AI in the cultural & creative industries is helping companies improve their services and enhance the consumer experience - AI applications are increasingly helpful to improve editing and production processes, are the next step in video game development, save resources for special effects and enhance the curation and recommendation of an ever growing volume of diverse creative content. Can we ensure that a risk-based approach is followed in order to foster the uptake of these technologies in the sector? How can we ensure a balanced level of transparency to enhance knowledge & understanding for users?

  • Programme

    Opening remarks

    Sabine Verheyen MEP, EIF Steering Committee Member


    Elmar Nubbemeyer, Director, Product Innovation and Product Management, Netflix

    Ann Backer, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, ISFE

    Christian Vogg, Chief Data Officer, SRG-SSR

    Kilian Gross, Head of Unit 'Artificial Intelligence Policy Development and Coordination', DG CNECT, European Commission


    Maria Rosa Gibellini, Director General, European Internet Forum

    Exchange of views with the participants under the Chatham House rule

    Closing remarks

    Axel Voss MEP, EIF Member

Practical information

06 September 2022 16:30 - 18:00

Sofitel Brussels Europe
Place Jourdan 1
1040 Bruxelles

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  • Sabine Verheyen MEP, EIF Steering Committee Member
  • Axel Voss MEP, EIF Member
  • Christian Vogg Chief Data Officer SRG-SSR
  • Maria Rosa Gibellini Director General European Internet Forum

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